Tuesday, September 9, 2008

it could be Obama

what you think, is it him.

i don't think so. but i did try. i said, i was going to do a demonstration of how i made the piece of my grandson. this piece that you are looking at is done all by hand. the piece that i made of my grandson is machine stitch, using straight stitch and zigzag stitch for his hair. while i was trying to do Obama by machine, i was working on his eyes and i forget to lift up the needle to move to another section of his face and i rip the fabric. so you know that piece went into the UFO pile. i was mad as hell. so i guess i will tell you how to do machine piece, and the hand piece, what i did first was find a picture that i like, trace it onto paper or clear plastic. for this one i use clear plastic with a black marker. then from that picture you trace it onto fabric. a quicker way is to run a piece of fabric that is 8 " x 11" that is iron onto freezer paper, threw your printer and copy the picture that you traced. if you are going to machine stitch your piece, put your fabric in a hoop with stabilizer under it. all you have to do is, straight stitch on the lines that you traced, go very slow. other people use the free motion foot and also have the feed dogs down. i keep the feed dogs down, but i use a regular foot. i have better control. practice first and see what is comfortable with you. if you are going to fill in the hair, you can zigzag stitch or you can just keep straight stitching the hair until it is fill in. if you are going to do your picture by hand you can use the running stitch or the back stitch. they look almost the same. use two strands of embroidery floss and just stitch on the trace lines. if you make a mistake with the hand piece you can take it out and correct it, but with machine the mistake is their.
hand stitching on the line. the finish block.
the only thing i can say is that i tried.




Karoda said...

you tried and succeeded! are these going into a larger quilt?

Kyra said...

WOnderful!!! Thank you for sharing the photos of your Obama blocks.

Best, Kyra