Friday, October 3, 2008

how is everyone doing. both of my computers were having problems, due to getting a new cable system. hubby got all the sports channel and i got no internet. that was not going to fly with me. they told me that i had to reboot everything and everything would be lost on both computers. i was not having it. it wasn't broke before i had cable, so i very upset. so it was back and forth with who should fix my laptop and computer. in the end the cable company fixed everything. while i had no internet, i did complete a few UFO's. i completed three and i am also working on three more. this first one that i am showing is for my daughter and her husband. it should have been finished two years ago, but i didn't have enough brown fabric. the second picture is a quilt top that is finish, but i didn't have enough fabric for the backing, i was 3 inches short of fabric. tomorrow i am going to a quilt show, so i hope to get fabric to complete these two pieces. so wish me luck.


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