Monday, October 27, 2008


Yes i am still doing UFO's. my UFO pile in the corner is getting smaller. i have done six so far. this one that i am showing is for my mother. i was thinking about keeping it for myself, but i better give it to my mother, since i told someone that it was for my mom. i hope she use this one. the first one that i made for her she kept on her sofa to show to her friends. so maybe she will use this one when she falls a sleep watching TV. i have been busy working on a couple of other quilts, that i can not show right now because i was ask not to show them until after may. i was ask to make a story quilt and it is killing me to make it the way that i want it to look. every two or three week i call the person who asked for this and i tell her that i hate her. doing this project is so hard for me. she keeps telling me that she know that i can do this and that she is going to love it. i am not the kind of person who you can say, i want you to make a quilt about this. i can not do it. i have to feel the creation that i working on. i have to see it in my mind. if i can't see it, i can't do. so for the project that i was asked to do, pieces have been thrown into my UFO corner. if i keep throwing pieces in the corner maybe i can grab a couple of them and come up with something before may 2009. i know that if i keep throwing pieces into that corner it's going to pile up again. i hope not.

this is the quilt that my mother show to her friends. the quilt was one of my first photo fabric quilts. it is a old quilt and she loves it. the two quilts that i showed in the last post, i did find the brown to match the quilt to finish my daughters quilt and i did find a nice piece of fabric for the backing for the other quilt. my daughter's quilt i am going to send out to have someone to quilt and the other one i will get to it in a couple of weeks because i am going to work on one for my aunt. like i said, my UFO's are going to be gifts that are being given out for the holiday. why buy gifts when i can try to finish as many quilts as i can. these are not my art quilts, so i don't mind giving these up. i take that back there are a few i would like to keep for myself.
stitches for now.

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Karoda said...

sometimes i think i should accept commissions but realistically i don't think i could do it...just like you if i'm not feeling it, seeing it, IT ain't happening!

i love the sankofa symbol quilts. you might be interested in a book entilted Afrikan Writing Systems. I got it off of Amazon.