Sunday, November 16, 2008

cleaning house

thanksgiving is next week and i have about 35 people coming for dinner, and i have to clean the house. about ten of my family member are actually staying with us for the whole week. so i have to clean up the house. my bedroom and sewing room are the main two rooms that need cleaning. for some odd reason i just can not seem to clean these two room, when i am cleaning other parts of the house, i will start, but never seem to finish in these two rooms. my bedroom is slowly turning into another sewing room. when i am doing my hand sewing i am always sitting on my bed sewing. i have been working on a couple of quilts that i am trying to finish before the end of the year. the more that i sew the more mess, i make in my bedroom and sewing room.
their is stuff piled up on my work table, books that need to be put back on the bookshelf, fabric to be put away. and i am not going to talk about what is in the corner or on the floor. i even have to put my favorite pincushion away. i have a cousin who keep telling me that she is going to walk away with my pincushion. all my sharp objects have to be put away up high so that the children can not reach it. the children like to go to my computer room to play on the computer, and to get to the computer room you have to walk through my sewing room. so that means that everything has to be safe in my sewing room. now as far as cleaning my bedroom, i will do my regular cleaning of my room, but i do have to put fabric and a sewing machine and put down my layout wall away. and then again i just might leave the sewing machine and layout wall alone. the layout wall helps me to think of ways to lay out my pieces for a quilt. i have a piece up now that is giving me problems as to how i want to lay out the pieces. who knows i might get a little sewing done while everyone is sleep. i am addicted to sewing so you know i can not going without sewing for a week. because if i don't sew there are going to be some people who are going to see how a crazy quilter act. and they will not like me very much. so let me get started on cleaning up and i hope that once i clean up i will know where the heck i put stuff.

wish me luck


Karoda said...

Put everything in tubs and slide them under the beds...with 35 people in the house, no one will notice anything out of order anyways...:)

have a wonderful time with your family!

yetunde said...

the tubs are what is on the floor with the other mess. i am going to stuff everything in the basement closets and pray that know one will go in them.

i will have a nice time when everyone is gone.

Elle said...

It's so funny how our quilting "mess" makes perfect sense to us, doesn't it? LOL

I usually do a stash 'n' hide method, although I hate having to move it in the first place! I hope to come to the meeting next month!

In the meanwhile, have a happy holiday!

yetunde said...

girl, you better come. i miss you. on second thought, stay home, the last time i saw you, you won the raffle quilt, and they are doing the raffle quilt next month. if you win next month, i know it's fix.

see you next month, take care.