Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy thanksgiving

hello, how are you. my husband's family have arrived early for thanksgiving. before they picked me up from work, my husband drove them around dc to see a few sites. the kids were screaming and hollering when he showed them the white house. tomorrow they are going sightseeing and planing to take pictures in front of the white house. me i am going to be running around getting a few things that was forgottten on our food list.

right now i am working on a obama quilt, that i am trying to complete. someone on the internet is trying to get some quilters to display obama quilts at the capital, so i am trying to complete mind as soom as possible. wish me luck. i know it's thanksgiving and i know you are asking when the heck is she going to have time to quilt. i don't know but i am going to try. so take a look at my piece and have a



Diana said...

Hi there, I was just reading about your Obama quilt. I love your quilt. I am also a quilter and my quilt will be featured in February at the Cafrtiz Arts Center at Montgomery College. I am not sure if thay have all of the quilts that are needed, but I would be happy to give you the contact information.

How are you getting your quilt in the Capitol? Is the call still opened? I am interested, Please email me. You can reach be at bracys@cox.net.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family guests. Diana

Kyra said...

Hello! Glad to see your Obama quilt! It's been great seeing the various ones on the Internet.

Best, Kyra