Sunday, March 6, 2016

The portrait class

the try out for the class went ok.  I ask my two friends for feedback so I can make some changes to better this class.  Both agree that I should make the picture that they work on bigger.  The part when I showed them how to work the Photoshop element program, they said That I explain that very well so that they could understand.  And they were greatful for the little short cut tips.  They both brought the wrong kind of fabric for this project.  So I have to explain better on how to pick out the fabric. They thought that I should make little fabric kit to sale.  I don't know about that.  That will be more money for me to put out.  The class was fun.  I am going to make a few changes and try again to see how the class will go before I decide to charge a fee.  So to my close quilting friend that live close by me don"t be surprise if I call and ask if you can come over and try my class out. I might charge a small fee for the use of my ink for the printer.  The class took all day.  So a person can finish the class in one day.  I am trying to get a feel of how many to a class so that I can my attention to  each student. So now some pictures of the class work.  I feel they did a great job.  It was only two people.  Marlene and Phyllis.  Marlene stayed later and quilted her.  It will be a gift for her daughter.  The color fabric wasn't quit right for her portrait.  Another thing when you do this, your embroidery scissors must be very sharp.
I also want to thank Phyllis's and Marlene for their time.       Stitches yetunde


Eat Sleep Quilt said...

looks like a good class, you're a great teacher! (hint hint)

Livin' Blue Quilter said...

It looks like a fun class. Please consider me when you have another test class. The portraits turned out really well.


yetunde said...

Well one of the comments about my class was that I needed a Taller cutting table for tall people. And both of you are taller than me. So I have to work that out. I do have a cutting table, but that means that I have to clean my sewing room and that is no fun. Can you both send me pictures. I need close up pictures (portrait pictures, like passport pictures, or studio pictures. Just send me a picture and let me see what I can do before I schedule anorexic try out.

Livin' Blue Quilter said...

I think I missed this blog post or don't remember. The quilts turned really nice. Looking forward to the class.