Friday, February 26, 2016

I am back

i know long time since I have been here.  First I want say that I have two account for this blog and didn't know how to combine the two. One has my old email address and the other has my new.  The new will not let me post but they both show the same thing.  Can someone tell me how to combine the two into the new account so I can post and not use my old email address.

Now what in the hell have I been doing for the pass couple of years. Family issues some good and some bad.  A lot of knitting so don't be surprise if you see knitting post once in a while. I have retired this pass summer so now I have time to quilt and knit and take of family member.  Also me time time I need some.   I am trying to figure out how I can teach my friends, you are my friends how I make my portrait quilt.  I am trying out a few friends at my home with this to see how I can work this out with out having to travel with a lot of big stuff.  If were to teach this outside my home.   The main problem is I don't want to bring a big printer and some other heavy stuff with me if I travel so we will see How this will work out.

Ok time for some quilt

I made this a couple of weeks ago.  I had some adinkra symbols that I thought was time to use in a quilt. The top symbol is call GYE NYAME (Jen-n-yah-me) God is all power over all (except God or it is only God).  The big one in the middle is call SANKOFA (sang-ok-fah) wisdom of learning from the past to build for the future.  These are my two favorite out of the adinkra symbols.

One day when I was at a restaurant I went to the ladies room and I saw this picture on the wall and I was Thinking that it would a nice quilt so I took two pictures with my camera and the next day I made a quilt out of the picture but I make changes to the dresses In the pictures, so this is what you see from the ideas that I saw from two small pictures hang from the ladies restroom.  Now I know you are saying only two quilts, well I have been making a lot of baby quilts which I hate to make and I didn't take pictire of them.  I don't know why I didn't.  I working on a hexagon quilt that is taking me forever to finish so look forward to seeing that some day.  I will never make hexagon quilt again.  I even did a hexagon swap just to get different fabric put on his quilt, never never again will I do that again.  It's pretty but a hell of a lot work.
  I am hope that my mini projector comes in time so I can try to use that so that my friends don't have to stand over me while I try to show them what i do on the computer to get the portrait quilt started.  Wish me look.

Stitches for now.


Oh one more thing, for most of the last past years I have been knitting socks and lace shawl. I just love making socks.  And my husband love when I make them to big, because he get to get them.


Julie Fukuda said...

You were missed. Welcome back.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I'm glad you were able to get into your account, we've missed you. I hope you didn't spend too much at the quilt show yesterday - I only bought a quilt raffle ticket!

Livin' Blue Quilter said...

I am so happy to see posting again. You have been missed. Beautiful work as usual.