Monday, October 17, 2011

ranting to myself on the RED & WHITE CHALLENGE

hello everyone, i am still having problems with my back.  it is a childhood illness that is now giving me problems in my old age.  i still cannot sit down at the sewing machine and sew.  i took a class a couple weeks ago thinking that i could sew and i could not wait to get out of that class.  my back was killing me.

well today i want to talk about the RED & WHITE challenge that a friend is having and it is due by December.  i am going crazy.  well at first i had decided to make a king size quilt, using a technique that i saw on the Internet.  once i started laying the pieces on my designing wall it was totally ugly.  no matter how i moved the pieces around it was still ugly.  you could not see the design by using just red & white in this quilt.  it needed more colors than just red and white.  when i showed a friend the pattern they also stated that just two colors was not going to work.  so i decided to design a quilt using paper piecing.  i was using a flying geese block for my design, the flying geese would swirl all around in different direction. the problem was i could not get the pieces to fit correctly to the attach fabric on the side of the flying geese.  so you know what that whole thing got thrown to the side.  so with my crazy self i decided to do a portrait quilt.  then i decided that was too easy, everyone would be looking for me to make a portrait quilt. so that also got thrown to the side.  to top it off i still had a lot of fabric that needed to be used.  so i decided to fuse triangles onto white fabric to make it look like flying geese.  it didn't come out like i wanted so it will have to do for now, it is not big. since i have problems with my back i cannot use the sewing machine.  so with my crazy self i am hand quilting it and my hands are also hurting.  so i do a little bit here and little bit there.  i am not doing the quilt design that i wanted to machine sew on the quilt.  if i was thinking i could of had someone quilt it for me.  but i have completed about half of the quilt so far just sewing straight lines.  i still have RED & WHITE fabric, so i just made a quilt with red & white blocks and added some red work embroidery to the quilt.  now if you remember i stated early about going to a class, well they had a black and white quilt that i thought would look nice in RED & WHITE so i brought the pattern and a crazy ruler that i don't have the slightest idea how to use.  the instruction don't make sense to me.  so i finally figure out how to cut the pattern, so i get to cutting.  guess what that whole idea got thrown to the side also.  my pieces kept coming out crooked, points weren't right.  NOW TO ALL THE TRADITIONAL QUILTER'S i want to tip my hat to you all.  now i know why it was meant for me to do art quilts.  paper piecing is not my thing, connecting points and so forth is not for me.  i don't have the patients to connect every little piece correct to make just one block, over a thousand piece to put together.  my brain will not let me do it.  so for now i will just stick to portrait quilting and art quilt.  so for right now i have about three RED & WHITE quilts for this quilt challenge.  don't be surprise if i make some more RED & WHITE portraits.  since i still have some fabric left over. i HATE RED & WHITE, why couldn't we add some black in there i love BLACK.   enough on RED & WHITE  for now.

oh one more thing.  the portrait is not complete.  it needs a border and needs to be quilted.

stitches for now.


Karoda said...

its encouraging to know you're not allowing the back pain to stop you from touching cloth but do take it easy with it anything that surgery can take care of? hangeth in there!

frantastic said...

This is fabulous. Can't wait to see it finished.

Carol said...

Hey, Sistah it's so good to know you haven't given up. My mother used to say I have given out but I haven't given up. Love the art and waiting to see more.
Keep hanging in there.

Madame Samm said...

HI ...if you can put it up here I can grab it wink...mdm samm

Kit Lang said...

Love your portrait quilt - why be something you're not? :)