Sunday, October 23, 2011

fun day

yesterday was a fun day, pat and i went to a Zentangle Class.  some of you are wondering why i took this class, well there were a few tangles that i just could not figure out how to do.  the class was great and lauren persky and chelsea kennedy were great instructors.  they make it so easy to understand how to make the tangle pattern.  i was a little worried that i might be learning tangles that i already new. but all of the tangles that they taught only one i knew how to make.  for you quilter, who are trying to understand why i do this is because one it relaxes me and it has made my blood pressure go down and two i am putting some of my zentangle into my quilting.  there are books that show how you can use Zentangle into your quilting.  so for those of you that are in the dc and maryland area  lauren and chelsea are having another class

Saturday, December 10

$40, materials included
Held at Crossings: A Center for the Healing Traditions
Silver Spring, MD
to register email
also check out their blog:
here are some pictures of some of the zentangle that lauren and chelsea had as dislay, the second picture are zentangle that we did in the class and the last pictures are some of the zentangle that i did in class and some that i did when i got home.
after the class pat and i brought kits and supplies to keep us doing more zentangle.  we also so went to our quilting bee after the zentangle class and showed what we did in class.  pat also showed quilts that she had complete and was still working on.  i also showed the red and white portrait that i am still working on.  Carolyn has found a place to show our red and white quilt at a gallery sometime in early 2012.  when i get more info on that i will let you know. 

check out the quilts that pat has made, she has been working her butt off.

it was a fun day. no back pain so i will say it was a great day for me.
stitches for now.



Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Yesterday I liked seeing what you did, soon you'll be teaching zentangle! Have you thought about doing a calendar? It really was a fun day - ask Pat about her little adventure after the meeting!!


Jean said...

I came over from Linda's blog. Love love love those quilts. Like I told Linda, I wanna come sew with y'all... I bet it will be lots of fun. And yes, I'll bring my depends (i bet we'll be laughing a lot!).

New follower -- Jean