Monday, June 28, 2010

catch up time

i have been so busy for the last couple of weeks.  i have been making portrait quilts for our family reunion, that was just this weekend. i had a great time and everyone that got a portrait loved it.  i think i made about 4 or 5 of them.  i am one of the historian in the family so i was working hard in getting information on the family tree and find pictures of family members, so i used some of those pictures to make the portrait quilts. i also had a demand of making portrait of father's for father's day.  the reunion was in charlotte north carolina.  before i left to go to the reunion a friend told me i she try to stop and go to MARY JO'S FABRIC SHOP while i was in charlotte.  well lady's i did and i went crazy. it look like a big old warehouse full of fabric.  i spent money that i should have been using for something else.  the fabric shop is in gaston(?) north carolina not to far from charlotte north carolina. i am going to try to get back down there by the end of the year.  i brought fabric to make more portraits.

i was going to post pictures of the portraits that i made and some how the pictures are deleted, also some of the family reunion pictures.  i don't know what i did, but they are gone.  the two pictures that i am showing is my little niece and a portrait of me. those are the only two that got downloaded.  the other portrait is also me.  that was the very first portrait that i made when i started doing portraits.  i have always hated my first self portrait of myself.  i like the pink one better. if i can find the picture on my laptop i will post them when i can. 

 so stitches for now. 



lesthook said...

I love your portrait quilts. Would really like to try this someday. When I work up enough nerve,LOL!

The quilt shop is in Gastonia. My daughter lives near there.

Carol said...

Hey Sistah, I'm sorry about you losing the portraits because I would love to see them. I was also thinking that I liked the pink one better and lo and behold the next few lines of your post said the same thing.

Marjorie said...

Great quilts...and what an amazing gift. I get to deliver some quilts at family reunions in a couple weeks. I can hardly wait!

Lynn said...

You are a lovely woman in both portraits. And the baby is sweet too. I am continually amazed at your beautiful art work.
I'm glad you had fun at the fabric shop and at your reunion. Your family is lucky to have you being their historian and in house ARTIST!!!! I hope you find your photos...they must be there somewhere.

Mary said...

I love your self portraits, but especially the sepia-toned one:) and how the lines of the quilting enhance the contours. I don't see that effect in the enlargement of the pink one. I had no idea one could do this quilting as I work in charcoal and pencil. I'll have to delve into the fabric art world more!