Monday, January 4, 2010

my gifts were a great hit.

everyone that got a portrait quilt from me, loved them. i have made at least about 20 of them. i had a few people wanting the portrait of my grandmother, when i had only made two of her. everyone said that the quilt pieces look just like the person that it was suppose to be. my three favorites of my my family were my grandmother, father and my young cousin. i also made mya angelou, halle berry, prince, obama, michael jackson, gandhi, whoopi, michele obama, toni morrison, martin luther king, and tina turner. i love all of them except for hallie berry and mya angelou. i didn't get their faces like i wanted them to be. check it out.

grandmother , my father and cousin.

my family got their quilt pieces but the others pieces i am trying to get ready for an exhabit in february.




Grace said...

Gorgeous work. I love seeing the montage of them all.

Linda said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful! Your family members are lucky to have received their quilts.


Lovin' your work sistah!! Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Where did you get all those wonderful pictures to work with? Explain how this is done. The work is beautiful.

Maria Elkins said...

Wow! You did a terrific job with these! Thanks so much for sharing them :)

Can't wait to see what you make next!

Karoda said...

these are fun and fabulous!