Wednesday, August 3, 2011

challenge complete.

here i is my final piece that i am swapping with linda.  i hope she likes it.  check her blog out to see the piece that she is giving me. we are going to do the swap again.  she is going to pick out the picture this time.  her blog is eatsleepquilt. she is listed on the right hand side of my blog with the many other quilters that i inspire me.

stitches for now.



Julie Fukuda said...

OK, I've been watching Linda's fun and now I get to see the other side of the story. The quilting is fun to watch and I envy the great friendship. Which came first? The quilting? or the friendship?

Carol said...

WOW!!! Now that's my kind of quilt.
Very artistic with nice clean lines. Picasso does not have a thing on you.

yetunde said...

julie, i would see linda at guild meetings and just love her quilts. didn't talk to her to mush, until one day i ask if i could get a ride with her to a quilt retreat. she has joined the bee that i am in and have decide to have a blog. i think the blog has brought us closer. i have been reading her blog everyday. but now have you notice since she has retired she slowing up on her blogging?


Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

yeeeeow, busted! I'm having too much retirement fun n stuff to stay on the 'puter for long.

I can't wait to get my quilt, I love it!


Debsanger said...

I love your quilt too ... I can see the original in both quilts yet they have such a different flavor. Nice!


Livin' Blue Quilter said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Karoda said...

I love this piece! Linda is one fortunate woman! I'm going to pop over to her blog now!