Sunday, July 17, 2011

birthday treats

my  birthday is not until wednesday july 20th, since i have to work on the 20th. my husband and friend's treated me to some nice things early.  dinner, friday and saturday night, two books, one on vegetarian cooking and another on how to make juices and smoothies, i just love both of them, don't know which one to look at first.  i love smoothies and i have been trying out new cooking dishes when i am not quilting. well sunday a friend treated me to a fabric painting workshop.  i had told her that i was planing to take this class and she told be to stop by her house before the class, and she gave me the money for the class.  nice gift ,if i must say so, since i didn't have to pay.  well blog family the class was great.  it was given by kweli, from african american fabrics.  her blog is  she makes and sales her own fabric.  check her out, she is having up coming classes.  you  can also find her on facebook. the class was outside and the weather was great, not to hot.  she showed us how to make stencils and stamps, how to use glue to make a stamp, household items.  things around the house.  kweli, showed us about six different ways on how to design our fabric.  all of us in the class made beautiful fabric.  i wanted to take all the pieces that everyone made home. they were so pretty.

 check out how much fun we had.(click for close up)
picking out fabric to dye or paint

this is my piece that i am painting blue on the fabric
kweli, watching someone taking her suggestion on what to do with their fabric. 
kweli, taking pictures of our pieces while they are drying.
now the whole time that this lady was working on  her piece she kept saying that she didn't like her piece.  when she first started i was liking it.  now that she completed it she likes it.  she could not see how pretty it was until she finished. here is someone else pieces.  she use a heart stamp on her piece. 

these are two pieces that i made. and yes, i make my own stamps to do my design,  the face is from my pouch, that kweli showed us how to do with some foam and a hot air gun. 
i plan to taking another class from kweli,  she has a digital fabric making class coming up soon and i am going to try to take that soon.  great class, fun and easy.  check her out at her facebook, or her blog for information on date for classes.  she is in rockville, maryland and she also teaches at g street fabric.

stitches for now.



Lynn said...

What fun, what lovely fabrics and Happy happy birthday to you!

I can't wait to see (I hope) what you turn that wonderful fabric into.

Laurie said...

This looked like such a good time and would be fabric I would have a hard time cutting into!! Happy birthday also!!

The Fabric Peddler said...

Happy belated birthday, Sandy. Have fun with your cookbooks and juicer

yetunde said...

thank you lady's for your nice comments. nadine, i didn't even know you were steping over pins and needles to check me out. i didn't think you had the time.