Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more pictures of the retreat

some of the result from the classes taught.
felicia showing off at the pajama party.

retreat got my back.

we had so much fun, the three quilt pictures are pictures of the quilts by some of the instructors that taught them. i took all three of these classes. i haven't completed any of them yet. will post those at a later date. their were many other class i wish i had taken. the person in the rollers was our hostess for the pajama party. everyone was so crazy and we had to parade on the little stage to show off our pajama's. it was fun, my friend felicia won for the most craziest person parading across the stage. you miss a show from her. i won for the first person registering for the retreat second year in a row. we had fat quarter swaps. i have some nice pieces from the swap. my friend charlene and sandy won the block challenge. there was show -n- tell every night. there were so many talented people their. there was a ugly fabric auction and i believe they made over about $800 dollars that will be donated to cancer research..

i met old friends and made new friends. the reason that i am say this is because quilters are the best. one day while we were there we were ask to go to someone that we didn't know and introduce yourself to them and talk and then turn them around and rub their shoulders and say "I GOT YOUR BACK!". and they are to turn and do the same thing to you. the next day in class i sat next to someone that i didn't know and i got a call from home and i had an emergency, and i start to cry. i said i need a hug and this stranger gave me a hug and then she rub my shoulder and told me that she had my back. she stay with me until i found out that everything was OK at home. the sistah had my back. and i am grateful for her. during the rest of my stay when we saw each other we would greet each other and say I GOT YOUR BACK. know matter where i go and i am around quilters there is always an act if kindness.



the retreat was given by the 54-40 quilters guild in virginia.
great work 54-40. see you again in two years.

Monday, April 19, 2010


give me a couple of days and i will tell you how much fun i had at the retreat. i wanted to stay longer. i can't find my camera right now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

been busy

i have been busy quilting and busy with my personal life. personal life has been crazy for a while but things are back in order. but i have been doing a lot of quilting and forgetting to take pictures. a few friends have been asking me to make portrait of their family members. i have been making a lot of portrait quilts for birthday presents. but i kept forgetting to take pictures of my work. now i did take picture of the last three pieces that i did. i am loving this lawrence fishburne quilt. the gray scale for this picture is four, but you are looking at three. i think i am going to check out the gray scale in three. the other two are pictures of my nephew and my best friend. i hope you like what i did.

i am also trying to get things ready for the quilting retreat that i am going to next week. picking out fabric for this retreat is driving me crazy. i brought fabric for the retreat, but now i am also looking at fabric in my stash. so looking back, i really didn't need to buy fabric. don't tell my husband. let this be our little secret. i am taking all day class for the three days that we are staying. two of the classes are techniques of how to make portrait quilts. these two classes are full and i am going to get all that i can from these classes. i just got a email today about another retreat that a friend is giving for next year. she want to know if i am coming. i taught at her retreat last year, it was fun. i guess i will have to plain on going to that next year. i know that i am going to have fun next week i can't wait. i will take lots of pictures.

stitches for now