Tuesday, April 6, 2010

been busy

i have been busy quilting and busy with my personal life. personal life has been crazy for a while but things are back in order. but i have been doing a lot of quilting and forgetting to take pictures. a few friends have been asking me to make portrait of their family members. i have been making a lot of portrait quilts for birthday presents. but i kept forgetting to take pictures of my work. now i did take picture of the last three pieces that i did. i am loving this lawrence fishburne quilt. the gray scale for this picture is four, but you are looking at three. i think i am going to check out the gray scale in three. the other two are pictures of my nephew and my best friend. i hope you like what i did.

i am also trying to get things ready for the quilting retreat that i am going to next week. picking out fabric for this retreat is driving me crazy. i brought fabric for the retreat, but now i am also looking at fabric in my stash. so looking back, i really didn't need to buy fabric. don't tell my husband. let this be our little secret. i am taking all day class for the three days that we are staying. two of the classes are techniques of how to make portrait quilts. these two classes are full and i am going to get all that i can from these classes. i just got a email today about another retreat that a friend is giving for next year. she want to know if i am coming. i taught at her retreat last year, it was fun. i guess i will have to plain on going to that next year. i know that i am going to have fun next week i can't wait. i will take lots of pictures.

stitches for now



Carol said...

Hey Sistah, Been concerned about you. Hope your hearts ok.
I'm just loving the portraits you are doing, but I am not having the time to go and research and start anymore techniques or quilts. Still trying to finish all my UFO's. Love

Carol (again) said...

Hey again. I'm glad to see you are now able to screen your comments. Hope the information I gave helped.

Laurie said...

Yetunde, I'm glad you posted your work because I enjoy viewing it. Thank you for the nice comment regarding my quilt at the Lancaster show. Was it good? I live too far away to attend. In my category there were 60 entries so the competition was steep. Have fun on your retreat.

Mary said...

I absolutely love Lawrence Fishburne and your portrait should hang in his home!! If only he could see it!!!! I had the extreme pleasure of seeing him onstage in NYC portaying Thurgood Marshall. He is an extremely talented man and your quilt is extremely artistic depiction. I love your portraits of your friend and your newphew as well. It is a treat to be able to view your work. Keep it UP!

Kyra said...

Lovely, lovely portraits! Thanks so much for sharing!

Best, Kyra

Lynn said...

Your work is amazing! I can't imagine why you would need to take a class in portrait making!
Like I said, amazing...all three. I like the middle best, then the best friend and then Fishburn. Wow wow Wow!!!

Laurel H. said...

LOVE the quilts, especially Laurence Fishburne!

Rhonda said...

Greetings Yetunde! I'm Rhonda, a quilter who has just found and become a "Follower" of your blog. I decided to leave a comment on this particular post because I love this type of piecing/applique work. I've been thinking about getting into this but have been alittle afraid to.
You should do a tutorial on how to get started. I'd sure watch and learn.

yetunde said...

this technique is by maria elkins, she has a dvd call making faces. you can download her technique for about $14.00.