Monday, November 30, 2009

So many projects

so many projects and so many mix review. for the month of december i have two or three projects due. i am in a xmas stocking gift swap and i am having a hard time figuring out what to give to 18 quilting friends. when i really don't have any money. so i am buying gifts and making gifts. the next
project is a fabric altered page swap. i am making two set of 14 page swap. the pages that i am making are coming out really nice. i have seen a few of the other pages that some of my friends have made and the swap should turn up some really nice pages. the last project is a purple challenge quilt that is being challenge by the quild that i am in. this project is where the mix reviews come in. i used purple scraps that i had, ribbon, and beads to make this quilt. i have some friends and family who don't like it because they don't understand it. they say that this is not my style. my granddaughter is one the people who love it. and want to put it in her room. i call it purple rain. for my personal opinion, i love it and enjoyed making it. because this is a abstract piece and this is something that i don't do, people ask who made it. right now i don't care if anyone likes it or not. my granddaughter likes it and she has never asked for a quilt from me. so this will be her xmas present, plus a camera from me. here is a picture of the uncompleted quilt. i still have to finish the binding and finish adding
beads. this is not a good picture, you can not see the quilting in this picture and that is what make this quilt so different. the quilting is beautiful. that is what makes this quilt.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

mud cloth class

i took a mud cloth class today and it was great. we actually used mud to design our pieces. i appreciate mud cloth more, since i know the process of making mud cloth. you are using the mud to paint your design onto the cloth. the instructor used mud from all over the world, my two favorite colors were red and black from maryland. you would paint, dry, rinse and them repeat this about three more times. the more you repeat this the darker your colors will look after they are dried.
the first picture is from one of the student in the class, the next picture is from the instructor, the third picture is my piece unfinished and the others are some of the other students in the class. it was a nice workshop. am going to start collecting dirt now. the dirt has sit in the water for a year for the best result for color, but can be used earlier.

the instructor's name is kathye edwina arrington. you can see an interview on youtube. go to youtube and type wskg 2/14 and look for kathye edwina arrington. her artwork is very nice. enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

don't pay to be cheap

yes i am telling you not to be cheap. i have made several sweatshirt jackets in different styles and decided to make a jacket for my mother. but this time i did not pay 15 dollars or more on this sweatshirt. me trying to be cheap paid 4 dollars for a x-large sweatshirt, and guess what, i haven't even finish it and it is too small, around the shoulder and the arm area. now i did say i have made several jackets out of sweatshirts and this is the first time that a jacket is to small. i got this sweatshirt in the men's section at the dollar store. i have learn my lesson and won't be cheap again. now i will have to find this brown fabric strips, i think it was a hoffman brand call cappuccino, i got it at quilt show. i hope i can find it at a quilt shop close by. these are the colors that my mother like. i don't even want to finish this jacket. so don't be cheap like i did. just a little tip from me.
in a couple of day i will rant about cats and quilts. so cat lovers please don't hate a sistah.