Wednesday, November 4, 2009

don't pay to be cheap

yes i am telling you not to be cheap. i have made several sweatshirt jackets in different styles and decided to make a jacket for my mother. but this time i did not pay 15 dollars or more on this sweatshirt. me trying to be cheap paid 4 dollars for a x-large sweatshirt, and guess what, i haven't even finish it and it is too small, around the shoulder and the arm area. now i did say i have made several jackets out of sweatshirts and this is the first time that a jacket is to small. i got this sweatshirt in the men's section at the dollar store. i have learn my lesson and won't be cheap again. now i will have to find this brown fabric strips, i think it was a hoffman brand call cappuccino, i got it at quilt show. i hope i can find it at a quilt shop close by. these are the colors that my mother like. i don't even want to finish this jacket. so don't be cheap like i did. just a little tip from me.
in a couple of day i will rant about cats and quilts. so cat lovers please don't hate a sistah.


Micki said...

Hi, I'm sorry that after all your hard work it is going to be too small. If you really are wanting to finish it, try checking at "" Do a search for cappuccino batik. They may have it or something very similar that would work.

yetunde said...


Laurie said...

Hi,sometimes we try to save $$ and do the discount thing-i"ve done it too. Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you also do figurative/portrait work. I had a friend who said "find your niche". I believe you have!!!Take care, Laurie

Elle said...

Oh rats...

I feel you. You had to see though, as that inexpensive sweatshirt possibly could've worked out. Now you know though!