Sunday, May 17, 2009

sell or no sell

this is a piece that i showed at the retreat and someone wants to buy it from me. the problem is that i really like this piece. this piece i truly believe that i would put in a show if i had the chance to do. the person really want to buy if from me. she said that she told her husband about the piece and how she wanted to buy it from me. i told her that i am still trying to decide because if i sell it to her and then later want to put it in a show, she might not give it to me to put in a show. that is one thing about selling a piece to someone when you might want to show that piece later in a show. how do you go about doing this, and what if a show last for six month to a year. how are we suppose to work this out. their is a lot i have to think about. and what if i tell her that i want to sell it to her in late 2010, would she be willing to wait that long. and then again i can tell her that i am not ready to sell it yet, but she will be the first person i look for when i am ready to sell it. i really have to think about this. when this piece was hang up at the retreat everyone was asking who made this piece. i must say it did look. i never actually looked at the piece untill someone said something.

this piece was done all by hand. hand quilted and hand embellished i did a little pencil shading in some area's. the fabric was hand dye and i love it. i brought it at a show. i want some more of this fabric. i have tried dying fabric and my fabric never looked like this. grace if you are reading this, i have your piece of dye fabric that i won from your blog in this quilt. check out her blog people. (BARNYARD CHATTER) reading her blog and reading blackthreads convence me to try blogging. i was always afraid to try doing things on the computer. still kind of new at it, but it is getting easier. if you want to blog just do it.




Anonymous said...

Hey Sistah,
The quilt is really beautiful. Just the kind of things that I am into. Before you attempt to sell this quilt count up all the cost of making it. You must consider all the hand quilting which cost a bundle to do, all the beading, the cost of the fabric and the originality of the design if it is your own design. One thing I do when I sell a piece is not cheat myself out of what is due to me. The small quilts I sell start at $50.00 per square foot, then I add in the design fee of $100.00 if commissioned and all the quilting and piecing time. It is so easy to get caught up in selling an item that you cheat yourself. Again, the piece is lovely.

yetunde said...

thanks for the info. she is willing to pay the cost. she stated that she know it is going to cost her.

Karoda said...

in addition to the above cost of making the quilt, I would add the price of emotional loss...some advice I was given on selling pieces that you are emotionally attached to is to price it high enough that it eases the feeling of loss for you. If the person is willing to pay the price then you also can be assured it will go to a good home and be well loved.

Patty Ashworth said...

I have made so many quilts, that it is easy to sell one. I have entered so many quilts, that I know you can't win things in every show. But if you do win, the value of the quilt goes up. If you have a buyer and can get a wonderful price for it, SELL it with a contract. You can list that you ahve all the rights to show it with in the next 5 years. You will cover the cost of entries, shipping and INSURANCE if it gets lost or distroyed. You will have to give notice of when the shows are coming up. And you can limit the number of shows per year so that she still gets it at home for a certain lenght of time. You may have to share the winnings after expenses and that may sway her decision to the contract.

yetunde said...

patty thanks for this information. i am going to talk to her about this. i hope we can work this out.

Elle said...

Aw, this is just GORGEOUS. I love it! I agree with the rest of the posters, I'd sell it, but create a contract regarding shows, etc.

It really is hard to let go of pieces that you really feel.

Grace said...

That's where i was going with it.....have her sign a contract stating that you can borrow the quilt for future shows for a certain amount of time but only for a certain period. She has to come out a winner too with this contract. Who knows she might eventually want to commission more pieces from you.

BTW....the piece is beautiful! I can understand the desire to keep it for yourself.

And how cool one of my dyed fabrics is in this one....I feel a special kinship with the quilt now.

Anonymous said...

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