Monday, April 6, 2009

computer crashed

Yes, my computer crashed. no computer for almost a month. i lost everything on my computer. i have taken this laptop back twice and i am still trying to set up my computer back the way it was. i have lost pictures of quilts that i don't have anymore and information about how i was feeling when i made them. i am not going to bore you to long this time, because i still have a lot of quilts to finish by the end of this month. the quilt retreat is the end of this month and i still have not finished all of my quilts. so here are two pictures of some little quilts that i am working on. i can show these but the other quilts you will have to wait and see them after the retreat. so take a look. you know i love thread play so i have been playing with that for a while. the sun is from a book that i am trying out and i kind of like it. the authors instructions are very easy. the other quilt is done all my hand and you know i still love doing my hand quilting.

for those of you who are going on the retreat, please don't talk about these two pieces to the other quilters who do not read my blog and are going on the retreat.

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