Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I am not quilting

Hello quilting family.
My vision is giving me problems. I have tried several times to do a portrait and have messed up beautiful fabric. I am having problems reading anything, even when I put on glasses. So I am getting my eyes check this coming Monday. I am really here to tell you to please keep in close contact with your doctor when you are going on a diet. I started a diet in January and I am doing every well with the weight loss problem. I have talked with my doctor and a nutrientionist. Here is the problem, I pass out at work this pass Friday. Once I got to the hospital they thought that I was having a stroke. My pressure was going up and down so they treated me as a stroke patient, because of other things that was going. I saw my doctor yesterday and she believe that because I am lossing weight that my body was having a reaction to the medications that I was taking. Right now I am only on one medication, which is for my blood pressure. And she is running test on me just to check to see if anything else comes up. So my advise is to just check in on your doctor once in a while, while you are on a diet. Because while you are losing the weight and getting healthy your medication has to be change.

This is just a little something for you to think about.

To the ladies in Virginia, you know who you are I was look at may to meet, but I think I will push it to june. I will call you.

Stitches for now